Rumours of Messi to Chelsea

Messi 2014It’s been a busy day at Can Barça. First the news of Andoni Zubizaretta getting sacked followed by Carles Puyol’s announcement that he is quitting the club, apparently with the idea of moving to live in New York. On top of this it seems that Leo Messi is pissed off with Luis Enrique, this morning the Argentinian missed training, officially due to a stomach bug, though it now appears that he was unhappy at being left out of the team yesterday (the same thing happened under Pep Guardiola) then this afternoon he followed Chelsea and their players Felipe Luis and Thibaut Courtois on Instagram, sparking rumours of a possible move to the London club.

This is not the first indication that Messi may not be as happy as we’d like him to be at the club. There have been the tax problems and his recent tweet after being singled out for a urine test that suggest he feels persecuted in Spain, while last year he had his spat with director Javier Faus which shows he is not on the best terms with the current board. Press speculation that some members of the board would be in favour of selling him to then build a team around Neymar haven’t helped to calm the storm and now he’s angry over being benched in Anoeta.

Some will feel that Messi should be treated like anybody else and if he can’t accept the coach’s decisions then we would be better off with the €250 million that Chelsea or PSG would need to fork out for him. Balanced against this is the desire to watch the greatest player that ever lived continue his story at Camp Nou well into his thirties. With the current board in power and the instability surrounding the club there is an increasing danger that Messi really could leave. For me that would be a very sad day and I hope it doesn’t become a reality. I urge the board to call elections for this summer before Barça’s decline goes any further.

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8 Responses to Rumours of Messi to Chelsea

  1. Caleb says:

    Laporta’s no saint, may not have been stellar with the books, but he picked the right people to run the sporting side of things and then stayed out of their way. Here’s to hoping for elections this summer (and an announcement of that soon)!

  2. Barca4Lyfe says:

    Nic, I don’t know what’s playing on Messi’s mind, but trust me… Luis Enrique’s squad selection style is probably one of em 😂

    I find Luis Enrique’s choice of player selection borderline insane!!

  3. Barca4Lyfe says:

    On a separate note, I don’t think we lost at Anoeta due to the Messi Factor but more on the choice of midfield and central defence pairing.

    Xavi and Busquets are

    1- slow in speed of movement and speed of thought

    2- both are slow to pick out through balls and has a sense of hesitance in their ball distributions. Tends to play the very short easy pass 90% of the time.

    3- Had Rakitic and MAscherano been deployed in midfield alongside Iniesta, we would have the height, the mobility, the pass, the intensity, adequate speed of movement and marginally better speed of distribution. We would be marginally lower possession wise, but who the heck cares about ball possession against a team that sits back 80% of the clock?

  4. I hate to say this but I saw this coming. It will be only downhill from here regardless of what happens with LE. Messi’s gotten too big for us. He earns a lot and he has already given his best. I say the sooner with sell him the sooner we can recover and learn to play without him. Some will not like this but it does not sound professional to me to return from vacation 2 or 3 days after his compadres consistently and then demand to start the game. We’ve heard it said times and times again:” no player is bigger than the club”. The club will always survive. The sooner will sell him the better off we will be. We can earn a nice return and take our time to buy quality players to support those who want to stay. If you ask me, he is being a brat and I don’t care how many goals you can score, if you start acting like you are better than anyone else then I am done with you. Talent is one thing but attitude is everything…you can quote me on that last bit! Forca!!!!!

    • Barca4Lyfe says:

      Well said Diatus!! I agree with you!!

    • Caleb says:

      Some solid points, Diatus. I’m torn because I do love all the records he’s setting and he could put up some seemingly untouchable numbers if he played for Barca for several more years. But, if he’s going to blackmail the club into getting his way, that’s a serious problem.

      • Exactly, the records are great and he will that greater a legend if he stays. Sometimes, with talent comes a unique opportunity to teach values, especially to kids. Money and power are not everything. I hope that Cesc is not behind all this (their wives are good pals and the players seem to have that childhood dream of playing together). In England, I highly doubt that he will be as effective as he has been in Spain. Save the goal in the CL finals against MU at Wembley, Messi has struggled to score there. That having been said, I am true believer in Karma: you always get what you give. I will not name names but there are so many examples around. Wherever, I have heard fans sing for a player to stay at a club, it has been proven that said player should have actually stayed (Drogba leaving Chelsea, Pipita leaving RM, Torres leaving Liverpool, and the list goes on and on). One can give a a few examples of the opposite but wisdom with these decisions is so hard to come by. We took him when RM did not want him; we cared for him all these years (medically, mentally and otherwise); we pay him one of the best salaries a footballer can earn and the fans have consistently been ABSOLUTELY loyal to him. I will simply not accept anything less than for him to show absolute respect for the club, its directors, the coach and his teammates (I.e. Critiquing Faust in Argentinian radio was not okay, this row with LE is not okay, yelling at Tello, Henry and Villa on the pitch was not okay). In fact, Messi’s behavior has been “suspect” for many years now. We have simply chosen not to talk about it because he was scoring goals and putting up big numbers. I hope it all changes and that we can get back to something else of a more important nature, like “early elections” and the direction we would like to go or “changes we need to make when it comes to signing young players”, Etc. If it does not change then I hope he goes and I wish him well!

  5. MIR,Pakistan says:

    unfortunately i travelled all the way from Pakistan to Camp Nu to see Messi,Neymar and Suarez score against PSG,,,,,, The team was under severe pressure,,,guys !do something about defense on left side,,,,thats more important for the team,the club and the millions of loyal fans like me spread around the world ! ………. Messi is a free soul like each one of us,,we will love him playing for barca,,but,,we will cherish his skills in soccer fields irrespective of wat color shirt he wears !

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