Luis Enrique and Dani Alves 2017

Dani Alves 2017Excellent news today on the last day of Josep Maria Bartomeu’s presidency. Bartomeu’s final act before resigning in order to begin the election process has been to oversee new contracts for Luis Enrique and Dani Alves. There had been doubts over the futures of both the Barça coach and the Brazilian full-back but Luis Enrique has extended his previous contract by a year which will see him continue as first-team coach for the next two seasons while Alves finally agreed terms for a new two-year contract.

In a press conference this afternoon Bartomeu offered a long overview of the club’s current situation while also continuing to defend the club’s behaviour in the Neymar signing and the FIFA transfer ban case. It was pretty obvious that he was taking advantage of the first team’s recent success with the new presidential elections in mind.

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6 Responses to Luis Enrique and Dani Alves 2017

  1. layibiyi says:

    Bartomeu basically Santa Claus now…. stop making this a difficult decision for us!!

    Anyways, what a month!!

  2. Who do you like for the Presidency Nic? I am a bit torn. I would love to see Laporta back but these guys (or should I say Zubi) just won a treble!

    • Hi Diatus, I’m not too keen on anybody at the moment. The present lot have ended very strongly but the Neymar case and FIFA ban leave a lot of doubts. I’ll wait to see who stands in the elections and what they have to say.

  3. sansa111 says:

    excelent post, a love FC Barcelona, visit my web about fc barcelona

  4. juma bundala says:

    That is good for our team, we still need daniel for nexst season

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