Bartomeu wins Barça elections

bartomeu wins elections 2015Josép-Maria Bartomeu will remain as Barça’s president until 2021 after a clear victory in today’s elections. The results were announced just after 11.20 pm  this evening with Bartomeu polling a total of 25,823 votes (54.63%) with Joan Laporta well behind on 15,615 (33.1%). Agusti Benedito received 3,386 votes (7.1%) with Toni Freixa coming fourth with 1,750 (3.7%).bartomeu elections 2015I have to say I am surprised by the result especially as it seems the whole world was against Bartomeu back in January. The Barça members can be pretty conservative and it seems a good number have decided that if we have won the treble then it is best not to change things. Holding the election on a boiling hot Saturday in July meant the turnout was predictably low (47,270 total votes vs 56,247 in 2010) which didn’t help second-placed Laporta and the ex-Barça president also paid the price for a less-than-impressive campaign with a lack of respect for the other candidates that seems sure to have cost him votes. Despite having the backing of Barça legends Cruyff and Guardiola and despite his record of four Ligas and two Champions Leagues in his seven year reign from 2003 to 2010, Laporta failed to convince the socis with his technical team of Eric Abidal and Alexanco and the supposed signing of Paul Pogba. Bartomeu now has a six-year mandate to continue with his project with the redevelopment of Camp Nou and the building of the Espai Barça.

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