Changes at Barçacentral

Apologies if you are looking for a match preview for tomorrow’s game with Rayo Vallecano but I have decided to stop doing previews and reports for a while with the idea of writing a general round-up or an opinion piece sometime during the week.

The main reason is to give myself time for other things. Doing a preview the day before the game takes me about three hours and researching the opposition can be a drag, especially on days that my computer is running slowly. I enjoy doing the reports but with the late kick-off times in Spain it often means I am still working when I should be in bed. Added to this I probably don’t get to follow the game as completely as I’d like due to my constant scribbling of notes. I also miss watching the TV after-match analysis of the game or I miss another game that I could be enjoying.

My intention is to write opinion pieces with the aim of creating more debate. I’m sure we all miss the early days of fcbnews when the best thing on the blog was the comments section. I understand that the previews and reports don’t create much discussion and that just to say you think Barça will win 3-0 or that Rakitic deserves a 7 and not a 6 is not the most stimulating debate. I’ve always tried to be objective in my match reports and perhaps that has steered me away from controversy, I hope now to take on different issues concerning Barça and football in general to inspire more discussion. This will mean fewer posts overall but the pieces won’t be as rushed as the previews and reports usually are so I hope to improve in quality.

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6 Responses to Changes at Barçacentral

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  2. I totally agree. I look forward to the format. We will be forever grateful for your commitment to giving us information. Thanks Nic!

  3. Caleb says:

    Will obviously miss the previews and reviews, but, I totally understand. You gotta do what you gotta do. Looking forward to what you do put up!

  4. wikd14 says:

    Thanks for everything Nic.

  5. layibiyi says:

    seems like a natural evolution I guess. Good luck with it

  6. barcacentralomer says:

    Looking forward to Barcacentral V 2.0. All the best Nic.

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