Getafegate: Barça’s halloween horrorshow and As

Barça’s halloween party after the victory at Getafe was not a clever idea. It may have seemed like harmless fun at the time but the prank soon went wrong when the players involved interrupted the press conference of a Getafe player. It was a clear lack of respect to Getafe but it didn’t seem to be a big deal and the matter seemed to be closed after Barça’s captain Andrés Iniesta apologised to Getafe the following day.

Then on Monday the Madrid-based sportspaper As produced photos of Barça’s dressing room at Getafe which showed a toilet and washbasin splattered with fake blood. Could this be true? Could the Barça players really be such spoilt brats that they would vandalise another’s property is such a way? We have no way of knowing for sure but after Barça’s 3-0 win over BATE Borisov Dani Alves denied the accusation saying that Barça had nothing to do with the vandalism except for making the mistake of leaving the bottle of fake blood behind.

So now we have the counter accusation which leaves the question of whether journalists would stoop so low as to do the dirty deed themselves. Unfortunately the Madrid press has a poor track record when it comes to Barça and their anti-Barça policy is pretty obvious. In the past we have seen manipulated photos to suggest onside players were offside and it really wouldn’t surprise me if this was another attempt to throw some shit at us.

It seems impossible to believe the press these days about anything. Whether it is the news of another plane tragedy or just a simple penalty decision in football, the press take sides according to their loyalties, cherry-picking on the information they report to manipulate the truth.

We can’t know for sure what really happened but if Barça players were behind the vandalism then they should be truly ashamed of themselves. I have my doubts about that but what is clear is that in the future the players need to think a bit more before they decide to throw a spontaneous fiesta in somebody else’s house.

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2 Responses to Getafegate: Barça’s halloween horrorshow and As

  1. Caleb says:

    Your discussion of the media reminds me of that time some Spanish media outlet, I don’t recall which one, doctored the video of Pepe’s challenge against Dani Alves that saw Pepe sent off in the Champion’s League. In the end it looked as those Pepe had made no contact at all with Alves—and it looked real when I saw it. I was just amazed that the media could stoop that low.

  2. willy says:

    Hello barcacentrianic, I take it that u have officially shut down this blog. What a shame because some of us where really addicted to your previews and reviews even general commentaries. We will miss barcacentral! I must commend you though for sustaining it over a long time. Guess you are moving on to other things now. Cheers!

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